Basis - Commercial Real Estate Technology by Sentinel Labs.

Role: UX/UI Lead

"Access your data from anywhere.  Stay organized and instantly aggregate information across every investment and sales opportunity. Manage, access, track interactions and identify your most valuable partners. Easy, efficient, secure."

I was hired to improve the user experience of the existing software, introduce new product features and completely redesign the user interface.   

Material Evolved

Per the client's request, I used Google Material Design as a foundation for the user interface.  While employing tools like Material's grid system and icons, I modified and created new components to give Basis a unique aesthetic.


I designed Basis' dashboard for both active and passive use.  Some sections simply illustrate community data, while others give users options like communications, uploading files and sharing documents.


Per project brief, I was to include Twitter and trading markets feeds into the software.  I designed 'on/off' switches in the software's footer, giving users the option to access/hide the live information.

Universal Search

The universal search feature​ gives users access to virtually all of the tools within the software. This allows for quick and easy navigation from any point. 


Basis is used both as an internal database shared amongst colleagues, and as a marketplace, where companies can buy, sell and share real estate data.